Collector dvd cover


Dolores Claiborne

Doctor Zhivago

Why collect the dvd cover.

How to download a good cover dvd movies? Where to find them? Is free covers are good? Such questions are asked by many people I'll try to answer them, because these are very important questions for people who are looking for high quality dvd covers.

Cover spinning downloading, pay special attention to the quality of the downloaded file, because of poor quality covers are worthless, certainly not suitable for the packaging of our CD of the movie. How to find the right cover, the high quality you can download them but before printing, be sure to carefully watch the downloaded cover for verification. Very often it happens that the cover to errors and should be seen against this as it will be packaged in the film, because after I print it will be too late to fix anything. However, it is worth to use reputable sites with covers, one such industry sites located at:, it is the only and unique global service that specializes in making copyright covers dvd. On this page you can download the cover for free if you meet one condition:
- Reflash a unique cover that this service does not have
It sounds simple but it is not the end this is because the site is 1,345,987 covers and really hard to find a cover that would not there, but if you succeed you are in luck because you will have free cover. You can order your own cover by filling out the form on this page at: it is very simple, and above all free.

Any registered user may be ordered free blu-ray covers, just sign in CoverCity and acceptance of rules which is very simple. You need to follow a few basic rules in covercity namely:
- Do not cover taken place on other websites
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